Frequently Asked Questions

Ok. So I'm excited about the next HDTS event. What should I bring with me to the desert?

You are awesome. We love your enthusiasm. Bring plenty of drinking water and snacks. Bring sunscreen and a wacky wide-brimmed hat for extra protection in the bright sun. Bring a sweater or jacket, as it can get chilly at night. Bring lots of cash.

Cell phones and mapping apps don't always work out here, so be sure to look up directions and print out driving maps ahead of time (many addresses in the desert don't register properly on cell phone mapping applications, and service can be spotty).

* Please remember this is a fragile desert environment. Leave no trace! Be prepared to haul out everything that you haul in.

I am coming to the desert this weekend, is there anything up to see?

Most of our current HDTS projects are short term or temporary, but you can download the current HDTS driving map for directions to ongoing HDTS projects and points of interest.

When is the next HDTS event?
Check our website as we do list all upcoming events well before they happen and you can also sign up for the HDTS mailing list to stay abreast of HDTS updates, events, and projects.

Where can I stay in the area during the event?
There are a variety of lodging options in the area, ranging from rustic to fancy. A list of accommodations is posted on the right hand column of our Directions page.

Does HDTS have a physical space?  Where are you located, and what is your operational structure like?
HDTS is a conceptual project as much as a physical one – so while we have a full schedule, almost two hundred acres of land at our disposal, an annual resident (the HDTS Scout), and a (small, part-time) staff - we do not have a physical roof over our heads.  Because our mission supports work that actively engages the world at large, we like to spend as much time as possible out in that world.

We have a small core team who all work part-time on the project. We do lots of work remotely on our computers, or driving around out in the desert, and then tend to meet up in Andrea’s studio when we need a big table and things like envelopes, scotch tape, and a stapler.

You are welcome to visit the HDTS HQ at the Sky Village Swap Meet in Yucca Valley, open Saturdays 9–1PM.

How can I get involved?

We periodically need help assisting artists with their installations. This may include hard labor, sweat, and blisters, but installations are generally a lot of fun, and a good way to meet people. If you are sturdy, reliable, and up for the task, please email us, and we will let you know about upcoming installtions.

You can share information with us about a destination that we should check out,  or an inspirational figure who we might be interested in researching. 

I'm interested in proposing a project - are you accepting proposals, and what kind of proposals are you looking for?
We are not taking project proposals at this time, except for projects done at the HDTS HQ at Sky Village Swap Meet in Yucca Valley. Programming at this site is geared towards a diverse local audience, and due to its unique swap meet context we ask all artists to visit the swap meet at least once before sending in a proposal.  

OK - I’m confused...  What's the difference between A-Z West and HDTS?
A-Z West is Andrea Zittel’s home and land in Joshua Tree, dedicated to her life practice and special programs.  It includes her home, studio, A-Z Wagon Station Encampment, and the Institute of Investigative Living.  The activities that go on at A-Z West are primarily related to Andrea's practice and are separate from HDTS, but at certain times A-Z West will expand by hosting HDTS programs/installations/artists.

High Desert Test Sites is a non-profit support entity for artists whose practices explore the intersection between contemporary art and life at large.  The HDTS sites include many different pieces of land used for projects and programming.  These include A-Z West, as well as other parcels scatted throughout Pioneertown, Joshua Tree, and Wonder Valley.  

I love what you are doing and can see that you are a small program desperately in need of resources - how can I help support HDTS?

HDTS runs on a shoestring budget, and any outside support goes a long way.   To keep our program running, please consider making a tax deductible donation or making a purchase from our online shop

How do I contact a High Desert Test Sites representative?

Send us an email at  Sign up for the HDTS mailing list to stay abreast of HDTS updates, events, and projects.