HDTS 1 (2002)
November 23, 2002 - November 24, 2002
Andrew Rogers
Aurora Kross
Charlene Lui
Greg Martin
Greta Dana
Halsey Rodman
Isami Ching
Lisi Raskin
Chris Kasper

Chris Kasper’s “I’m Sorry” sign embodies the apprehensions of imposing art onto the desert landscape. Jutting out of the rocks, the apology acknowledges its intrusion on the natural landscape and laughs at its own deliberate anti-climactic delivery.   Still stumbled upon by unsuspecting hikers, the weathered apology has become a bit of a local legend. A nearby mechanic has reported being approached by a couple of hippie kids freaking out over their discovery of the “weird sign” asking for forgiveness in the middle of nowhere.

Andrea Zittel
Marie Lorenz

Born at the Marine Air Ground Combat Center in 29 Palms, Marie Lorenz spent much of her childhood in the High Desert. Wanting to directly interact with the dry and rocky landscape of these early memories, she went in search of the perfect boulder to act as the mold for a sauna. After finding a rock that was larger than a car but smaller than a room, Marie wound wicker vines around it to form a large spiral. She then layered plastic to form a skin over the wicker ribbing. Once removed from the boulder, the hollow shell was propped up on a central post and filled with steam created by heated rocks doused in water.

Lisa Anne Auerbach
Eli Sudbrack
Mungo Thomson

"Assume Vivid Astro Focus," Eli Sudbrack


"The American Desert (for Chuck Jones)," Mungo Thomson